The Betans Tambayan!

"Tambayan" in the Philippines means a hang-out place. This Tambayan is a virtual hang-out place for Betans all over the world. The Betans could be resident or alumni members of the Phi Beta Epsilon Fraternity from University of Iloilo, Central Philippine University, Western Institute of Technology, University of San Agustin and West Visayas College of Science and Technology, all based in Iloilo City, Philippines. They could be affiliated with other Betan or non-Betan organization. This Tambayan's main purpose is to be the site for Betans to mingle, communicate and interact with other Betans. This Tambayan is meant for the Betans to exercise their basic rights as individuals including the freedom of speech, a virtual place where they freely express their opinions and air their feelings. For Betans who wish to come to our abode, WELCOME.

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The Betans Creed

“Men if left to wander aimlessly on the fields may stumble upon the truth and pick the wild flowers of knowledge but if their efforts are controlled and directed they may reap a more bountiful harvest with which they can build a beautiful garden of understanding wherein the minds of men can find a serene delight.”